More than one-third of CIOs believe their datacentres will be unable to meet the rapidly growing demand for business services and applications in two to five years.

The findings come from a study commissioned by HP, HP 2008 Data Center Transformation Survey, and conducted by research house Penn, Schoen and Berland.

To meet this growing demand, the company announced a set of products and services designed to help customers transform their data centers from a standalone collection of physical assets into a virtual and adaptive infrastructure.

These technology tools and strategies would address a company's top datacentre initiatives such as energy efficiency, automation, virtualisation, consolidation and business continuity, HP said.

"Today customers are facing multiple challenges - the explosion of data, a growing mobile workforce and the need for access to real-time information," said Uday Kumaraswami, vice president, consulting and integration, HP services, technology solutions group, APJ.

According to HP, its new software provides single view of the physical and virtual world along with enhanced automation.

"The HP Insight Dynamics - VSE will support multi-vendor hypervisor technologies and reduces costs of common datacentre tasks by as much as 40 percent," said a company representative.

The firm also announced release of HP Operations Orchestration Enhancements that will enable companies extend comprehensive automation across all physical and virtual infrastructures by automating manual and error prone processes across clients, applications, servers, networks, and storage.

Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates conducted 161 in-depth interviews among CEOs, CIOs and senior business and IT decision-makers at enterprises and mid-sized companies in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America during February and March 2008.