Clifford Chance is set to implement a data processing and review tool from supplier Autonomy, in a bid to simplify investigations. The law firm, one of the world’s largest with 3,200 legal advisers across 20 countries, will use the Autonomy Introspect system to help manage data during investigations in complex litigation and regulatory cases. The system is used by the other nine of the top 10 largest law firms.

The new system offers meaning-based data coding, keyword and conceptual search in a web-based interface, identification of similar information even in different forms, and the processing of audio, video and rich-media data. It also provides document summaries.

Denis Brock, litigation partner at Clifford Chance, said the new system would be vital in helping staff handle “complex proceedings with both voice and electronic data”.

The implementation comes five months after the law firm said it had completed a global rollout of a database search system aimed at improving internal search of partners’ specialist law expertise and client transactions.