Collaborative tools are one of IT's major hotspots, while Unified Communications (UC) is a technology area that has long promised greater efficiency and scalability, while enabling people to meet virtually and share documents securely. The combination of UC and collaboration technologies (UCC) is a natural pairing, addressing the needs of the modern mobile enterprise.

One area that could really benefit from UCC tools is that most collaborative – and potentially inefficient – one: the supply chain, which is itself constantly evolving.

However, a Dimension Data-Microsoft survey reveals that UCC is mainly being deployed internally to create noise and chitchat where instead it could transform businesses externally, and for the better.

In a global market, complex supply chains and partner networks are both commonplace and proliferating. It is not only industries like large-scale manufacturing, the energy sector, or pharmaceutical that have lengthy supply chains or complex affiliations of suppliers and partners.

Many other industries do too: publishing, the media, software development, communications, finance, R&D, leisure, short-run/on-demand manufacturing, and countless more at every scale. Many of those sectors run on tight margins and have escalating costs.

In this video, CIO  speaks to Alex Bennett, Group GTM, Dimension Data, about the opportunities for UCC in the supply chain, and how to overcome the challenges in implementing a successful strategy.

This video is brought to you by CIO in association with Dimension Data and Microsoft.