Continental Airlines has completed the deployment of a cargo management system aimed at helping boost revenues.

The airline is using the JDA Cargo Revenue Optimiser system and related software with the aim of maximising demand visibility, capacity management and revenue opportunities within its cargo operations.

The implementation occurred in two phases. First, Continental implemented JDA Demand to upgrade its existing demand forecasting capabilities. The airline said it realised a 10 percent improvement in forecasting accuracy, which resulted in "significantly increased revenues".

In the second phase, Continental implemented JDA’s Cargo Revenue Optimiser. As a result of this project, Continental can maximise profit margins for daily shipments, make intelligent capacity decisions based on short-term demand, and provide its booking agents with greater visibility into up-sell opportunities.

The company also has the capability to evaluate bookings and respond with optimal rates and availability across its cargo operations on a real-time basis.

Ed O’Meara, managing director of cargo revenue management at Continental, said: “We viewed the opportunity to upgrade our solutions in the areas of demand forecasting and revenue optimisation as a chance to expand our partnership with JDA and realise even greater benefits and return on investment.”

British Airways uses a freight management system from BT to monitor cargo during transportation. The airline’s World Cargo (BAWC) arm uses BT’s Route Management Service (RMS) to monitor freight during transit. The system produces detailed reports of the latest location of the goods and the timing of their arrival at checkpoints en route to their final destination.