Credit Suisse London Lead

Investment and private bank Credit Suisse is linking up its global IT infrastructure as part of its strategy to fully link its operations and processes across the 50 countries it operates in.

Under its One Bank strategy, the Swiss firm plans to link up its investment and private banking operations, and encourage its staff from the two different divisions to share clients.

The bank is using WebLogic Server 9.2 and Portal, service oriented architecture software from BEA Systems, to assist the rollout of its Java application platform in Europe, Asia and the USA.

It already uses the Java platform in its Zurich-based headquarters to manage around 250 applications, and plans to roll it out to its regional IT centre in New York following a successful implementation in Singapore.

The idea behind using a global Java application platform is to enable the firm to develop software and then roll it out internationally. Roger Süess, global head web enterprise platforms at Credit Suisse, said: “Now we can develop an application anywhere and use it worldwide. In the past everything had to be reprogrammed three times or developed from scratch before we were able to use an application at a new location.”

Credit Suisse calculated a time saving of several months for each project, meaning lower operational and development costs. The bank believed it would also find it easier as a result to keep branding and the feel of new services consistent.

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