A senior database administrator at a subsidiary of Fidelity National Information Services stole 8.5 million customer records over five years. The records were sold to data brokers for $580,000 (£281,000).

William G. Sullivan pleaded guilty to felony fraud charges in a US federal court, and agreed to pay restitution to victims of the crime and cooperate with ongoing investigations into the theft.

His jail sentence has yet to be set, though the plea agreement calls for a term that is less than the maximum five-year sentence for the crime.

Sullivan was a database administrator at Certegy Check Services, a Fidelity National subsidiary, that provides check authorisation services to financial institutions and merchants.

In August 2007 a class action suit filed against the company claimed that Fidelity National subjected consumers to ID fraud risk by failing to maintain adequate security measures to protect confidential data.

Fidelity National is a provider of transaction processing and related services to the financial industry. It is not affiliated with the better-known Fidelity Investments.