DSG International is set to implement staff management software from supplier Torex.

The retail group will implement the productivity management software across its 640 Currys, Dixons and PC World stores in the UK.

The system will allow store managers to make sure staff levels match demand, DSG said, adding that this in turn would help with customer service.

DSG has been using productivity management in its 160 UK PC World stores since 2003, and chose to standardise the system across its business.

The group also has an ongoing operational standardisation and IT improvement programme, which last year it said had helped it cut £75 million from costs.

As well noting demand, the productivity managementsoftware also makes calculations on the staffing levels required based on sales targets and the time needed to sell different items in store.

It automatically keeps a log of hours worked, which DSG said was useful for wage processing because many staff work different times on different weeks.

Jon Naylor, head of productivity at DSG, said the system would help the company ensure “that our business is in the best possible position to adapt to the changing conditions of the local retail marketplace”.