DZ Bank, which provides access to the international financial markets for its partner institutions of 1,200 co-operative banks in Germany, has signed a five-year outsourcing deal with Atos Origin.

“We are the central administration for all co-operative banks with 12,000 branches and our partners expect professional collaboration”, Alfred Leicht, Business Unit Manager IT of  DZ BANK. “We expect the same from our service providers in order to ensure that we provide an excellent service to our partners and their clients.”

Atos Origin will provide server, storage and database management as well as backup and archiving services, delivered from its datacentres in Essen and Ratingen in Germany.

The technical support for applications development and management will be delivered from Germany and an Atos Origin operation in Poland.

Last month Atos Origin became the first of the government’s major IT suppliers to announce it had completed a major contracts review with the British government, as part of the drive to cut public spending.

Atos Origin has contracts with the Department for Work and Pensions, the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office. It delivers medical advice and assessment services for the DWP, manages the IT infrastructure for the MoJ and provides IT services to the Home Office’s and UK Border Agency’s 24,000 users.