Hamleys toy store has been forced to eat humble pie and apologise to customers who successfully bought goods online at 60% less than their real price.

The retailer was today reportedly refusing to honour orders made over the weekend when traffic to its e-commerce website peaked after codes for an e-voucher scheme were leaked on a bargains website last Saturday afternoon.

According to the Guardian newspaper earlier this week, the retailer said it would honour the orders. But yesterday, it changed its mind, saying it would only honour single orders as stocks run low.

A Hamleys spokesperson said the technical glitch that caused the problem was resolved the next day. At its peak, its thought the e-voucher fiasco led as many as 1,000 customers to try and place orders through the site every minute.

And the news makes Hamleys the second UK retailer in the run up to this Christmas to fall foul of targeted e-voucher campaigns which spiralled out of control when sheer weight of demand crippled Threshers e-commerce site at the beginning of this month.