Easyjet has said it will dramatically improve its customer relationship management system, as it reported annual profits had almost tripled.

Carolyn McCall, chief executive at the airline, said the company needed to improve its booking and other customer related processes.

Easyjet will “improve CRM capability, segment customers and engage with them” better, she told investors this week. The airline did not immediately provide details of its CRM plans.

McCall added that the airline will “upgrade and invest in IT [as a whole] to enable simplicity as we grow in Europe”.

The news comes as Easyjet’s profits rocketed to £154m in the 12 months to September, almost three times the £55m profits it earned a year earlier, aided by growing passenger numbers.

Easyjet recently launched flexible fares for business travellers, allowing passengers to change their flight up to two hours before the scheduled departure time and allowing speedier check-in. The new offering is supported heavily by new developments in the airline’s IT, and links into the global booking systems shared by airlines.

Last month Easyjet appointed a new chief information officer, Trevor Didcock, who was formerly at AA.