EAT, the high street food retailer, has implemented a new business intelligence solution that will help it manage the opening of new stores more efficiently.

By giving the retailer insight into stores and staff performance, as well as customer purchasing behaviour and products, the EAT’s use of QlikView Business Discovery platform will enable it to move staff to busy locations as soon as it is needed, for example.

“With our new store rollouts, you can get sales data in real time. Before, they’d [managers] look at the sales the day after. [But with real-time information] they can identify where labour is needed and if it’s required,” said Rene Batsford, Head of IT at EAT.

The company is using QlikView to replace a number of reporting tools including those in Sage, SAP Crystal Reports and reports and graphs from Dundas Data visualisation.

“QlikView is a very strategic move to bring all that information together into one big view,” said Batsford.

He added that the new tool can give EAT more granular insight into the performance of staff and stores, for example, to identify who is the best person at selling a particular product.

Managers across all of EAT’s departments, including IT, HR, manufacturing, food preparation and in-store, will all have access to the software via any browser or device. EAT is equipping workers with Windows Tablets to access the data remotely.