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Mobile phone operator EE has launched a range of super-sized 3G and 4G data bundles for business customers in the UK that go from 50 terabytes up to one petabyte.

EE claims it is the first mobile operator to offer businesses a petabyte of data, which equates to one million gigabytes or "13 years of HD video streaming".

It argues that its new 'super bundles' are cheaper than satellite and cable uplinks and says they could enable certain companies to save millions of pounds when uploading video and other content from the field. Indeed, the bundles are specifically targeted at data-intensive industries such as broadcast, communications media and CCTV. 

According to EE, a satellite uplink can cost upwards of £20 per gigabyte, while the new super bundles will cost "as little as £8 per gigabyte for a petabyte of data". The firm argues that this price difference could enable businesses to save as much £12 million on a petabyte of data.

One reason for the new king-size bundles is that EE believes business demand for data bandwidth is set to increase by as much as 860% by 2016. Similarly. the firm said that a 3G mobile data fleet of 2,500 users typically uses up to 200TB over a 36-month contract period, and this is likely to increase to around 600TB with 4G.

The bundles are available in 50TB, 100TB, 200TB, 500TB and 1PB units but there are no official prices available as each firm will have their own plan put together by EE that will take into account any other EE services the customer uses. 

Last week,EE launched an LTE-Advanced 300Mbps 4G service in the Tech City area of east London, claiming it is the fastest 4G network in the world. 

"British businesses are transforming the way they work with new 4G mobile technology, cloud computing and collaboration tools. In light of these trends and with LTE-Advanced on the horizon, we forecast corporate data consumption will grow by 860% over the next three years," said Max Taylor, director of corporate business at EE.

"Armed with more spectrum holding, and subsequently more network capacity than any other UK operator, we are introducing our super bundles for businesses that want to transform mobile working for their employees and need a simple, scalable solution."

EE is investing £1.5 billion over three years as part of an effort to boost its network so that it can support more customers using increasing amounts of data.