Addison Lee has saved £50,000 and dramatically cut its storage requirements by implementing an email archiving and content management solution.

The London-based minicab and courier firm has also cut its email backup time from 12 hours to one, after implementing the Mimosa NearPoint system, which ties in with Microsoft Exchange.

By cutting its email storage needs from 75 GB to just 5 GB, Addison Lee avoided the need for a £50,000 IT hardware and software upgrade.

The product addresses content management through archiving, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, business continuity and storage optimisation. It creates an up-to-date copy of all Exchange data, and placed archived emails in another folder within the Microsoft Outlook email program.

Addison Lee also assessed Symantec Enterprise Vault and CA Message Manager, but chose Mimosa NearPoint on cost, speed and reliability.

Paul Caney, IT manager at Addison Lee, said: “In terms of resilience and performance, with the next generation benefits provided by Mimosa NearPoint our Exchange Server environment is now on a par with the rest of our IT infrastructure.”

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