EMC has brought its Atmos cloud storage product to the UK offering storage as a service to British customers for the first time. The company is providing the service through two partners, MTI and Redstor who are providing the support to help customers manage external clouds.

According to Kate Canestari EMC Cloud Technology Consultant said there was a difference between the two companies. "MTI is a more of a system integrator, while Redstor is a service provider underpinning their offerings with storage as a service."

On the other hand, MTI has launched a new cloud service programme including storage as a service; data archiving as a service and a tape cloning service – allowing customers to clone tape-based back-up data to a remotely-hosted Atmos platform.

"We are excited to be leveraging the EMC Atmos cloud storage platform as part of our commitment to providing MTI Cloud Services," said Tony Conway, vice-president of Services at MTI. "We believe these service offerings will provide significant value to customers who are looking to drive down the cost of securely storing and archiving their corporate data."

Canestari said that the launch of the Atmos service had been hugely successful in the US and were hoping to replicate the success in the UK. "We've had great traction with AT&T in the States," she said, "and I'm sure we'll see that here too."

She added that she expected take-up from a wide variety of customers, "In the US, we've had customers from service providers to media companies." Canestari said the speed of provision would attract users, " We can get storage as a service set up in 90 days - that's very attractive to customers."