Energy utility E.ON has completed a large data migration programme.

The project, part of a scheme designed to cut £1 million from costs and improve flexibility at E.ON , involved E.ON migrating key business data to its Hitachi Data Systems Universal Storage platform.

Customer data was a central part of the move, and E.ON has highlighted the need to keep CRM and financial software running “at optimum performance”.

Under the programme, Hitachi Workgroup Modular storage architecture was replaced with Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage, which uses SATA disk drives, to provide better capacity and performance.

E.ON also used Hitachi Universal Volume Manager software to virtualise data onto the Universal Storage platform, as part of an ongoing datacentre consolidation project. The migration was managed by E.ON IS, the IT subsidiary of the utility, a division that employs over 400 people.

Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager software was used to manage the data move. E.ON said the data migration was made with minimum disruption, and there were no reports of application performance falling.

The consolidated architecture is providing faster response times and increased capacity, it said. By virtualising the storage on one physical machine, it has also been easier to manage IT projects and update systems, it said.

Peter Arrell, head of UK storage at E.ON, said the company wanted to make better use of server capacity. “When looking at how we could enhance the performance of our IT environment, we were keen to maximise the potential of our existing resources rather than invest heavily in more hardware to boost our core applications.”

Across Europe, E.ON is cutting the number of datacentres it uses from 27 to three. Meanwhile, it is also using VMware virtualisation to cut other Microsoft Windows based machines it uses, in a ratio of 16 to one.