Myricom, a pioneer in high performance computing that has shifted its focus to more mainstream networking applications in recent years, has named co-founder Nan Boden as its new president and CEO.

Boden, who had been CFO, replaces Chuck Seitz, another of Myricom's founders. The company spun out of the California Institute of Technology in 1994 and sold its technoloy into clustered computer and supercomputer networks at universities and other such environments.

Boden will look to raise Myricom's profile as the company forges ahead with customised firmware for its high speed Myri-10G Ethernet cards that are gaining ground at IPTV service provider networks, financial institutions and other customers beyond the HPC computing sites where Myricom made its early mark. The company boasts that it actually supports 20G on its cards, which each feature 2 ports.

We noted Infiniband had rocketed up the list of Top 500 supercomputer implementations, with Myricom's Myrinet technology losing ground in this area as it refocuses on more mainstream markets. Myricom competes versus companies such as Intel and Broadcom.