Rumours that Evesham Technology has gone into liquidation have been denied by the company, after the remaining staff members were called into an extraordinary meeting by the troubled PC maker.

Evesham staff were told by administrator DTE Leonard Curtis to attend a meeting on Monday in the Evesham Technology canteen. In his email to employees, Evesham founder and former chairman Richard Austin warned them them that: "things are very suddenly moving quicker than expected". Immediately rumours of liquidation and redundancies began to fly.

Although DTE has confirmed that the meeting took place, it is unable to provide further information. Austin has so far declined to comment directly on the Evesham situation, but a company statement said that Evesham is still in business, and that the meeting merely marked a move to 'a direct employment basis'.

The statement said that 80 staff members will be retained.

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Evesham Technology enters receivership

In August 2007 UK computer manufacturer Evesham officially declared that it had gone into receivership following several months of speculation.

At the time a statement said that Evesham Technology would continue trading under the auspices of GeeMore Technology Ltd following a $22m investment from Tahir Mohsan of Dubai-based PCC Technology. The company then had 138 staff members.

Tahir Mohsan is the co-founder of TimeUK and the owner of Time Group and ISP Supanet.

One of the UK's biggest and most enduring PC retailers, Evesham Technology was founded 23 years ago selling laptops under the Evesham Vale brand.