Investment into online services is helping credit and financial information services provider Experian navigate through the current credit crisis. As one of the leading providers of credit history records to both individuals and financial companies Experian is dependent on the credit industry and use, but the latest trading statement shows that investment in online services is paying off.

"Interactive and new vertical markets performed strongly," said Don Robers, ceo of Experian in announcing the results of the latest trading statement for the three months to June 30, 2009. Group wide revenue for the Interactive division was up two per cent. Interactive is an online service that individual consumers register for to view their credit reports and monitor any changes to their credit records. Experian also provides consumer information on financial products and services.

In the UK and Ireland revenue for the Interactive grew by 56 per cent and was the leading market for Interactive within Experian. Revenues for the UK were otherwise flat.

Group wide Experian achieved a one per cent increase in revenue with organic growth also at one per cent. The US was one of its hardest hit markets with revenue dropping two per cent and its credit services division saw revenue drop by six per cent.

Latin America was the best market for Experian, seeing revenue increase by 15 per cent.