The new Fire Gateway portal was officially launched this week Services after a successful pilot period.

Angela Smith, Minister for the Fire and Rescue Service publicly launched the portal as part of plans to modernise these emergency services. The portal was built by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), England’s Fire Services and the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, which led the project.

Smith said: “The Fire Gateway has been developed to provide advice and support to the public to reduce the risk of fires occurring in the first place.”

The portal is a national e-government project designed to help save lives and modernise the fire and rescue services in line with recent e-government requirements. It creates a central area for the public to access information 24/7 and, for the first time, provides a secure network on a national basis making it easier to communicate securely between the 46 fire authorities in England.

The large-scale technology integration by IT and business services company, Parity will make it easier for fire services to develop collaborate with each other and other community organisations. The project has been funded by the DCLG for £2.2m and includes three years of support from Parity.