British businesses want smart cities that are capable of using Big Data to help reduce heavy traffic, according to a new study.

The proposal involves using super-fast connectivity and data management, with connected cities relying on a constant analysis of Big Data to help better plan and control urban areas.

“The idea of connected cities used to be a topic for science fiction books and future gazers. The fact is, connected cities are going to become a reality sooner rather than later," said Lee Hull, director of public sector at Virgin Media Business, who conducted the study and found 84 percent of UK businesses wanted smart cities.

"With the UK government strongly supporting a more joined up public sector, both in terms of infrastructure and collaboration, Big Data supporting better transport and road systems may just be around the corner for the British public,”

The new project to connect cities has been in the pipeline since the Chancellor George Osborne pledged £100 million to create 100Mbit/s citywide networks in 10 urban areas. A further £50 million has been earmarked to improve internet access in 10 other cities.