Fujitsu has successfully contributed to the completion of the sixth nationwide population census in China.

The solutions and services provider deployed its fi-Series scanner solutions and form capturing and processing system, with the census using 1,700 Fujitsu scanners to digitise and convert handwritten data.

The project was carried out by the National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBSC) and was completed in April 2011.

Fujitsu claims this census was successful because of the company's patented optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which was embedded in the form capturing and processing system.

The NBSC was searching for a highly accurate OCR technology that could quickly and correctly aggregate handwritten data form census sheets. According to Fujitsu, it also wanted a customised form capturing and processing system, heavy duty scanners and a 24x7 customer support network that covered all of China.

Fujitsu designed the form capturing and processing system embedded in the fi-Series scanners to quickly and accurately aggregate handwritten data and transform it into digitised data.

The company also customised the OCR software for Chinese character recognition, and optimised it to recognise and capture different styles of handwriting from several Chinese provinces and minorities.

"Fujitsu is honoured to be selected by the NBSC to participate in the sixth nationwide population survey," said Christopher So, general manager of Fujitsu Hong Kong's imaging business division.

"We are proud to have been trusted with a project of such significance and are delighted to see Fujitsu document imaging solutions and our consultant team being able to stand up to and complete the scope of work assigned to. Fujitsu has always been committed to making contributions to the growing and vibrant China market. We will continue to produce cutting edge technology, products and solutions that will serve the needs of our customers in China."