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Unite has notified Fujitsu of plans to ballot its members working at the IT giant for strike action, over the “victimisation” of one of its union activists.

The action would take place on 30 June at Fujitsu’s Crewe office, and could impact a number of its contracts, including with the Home Office, HM Revenue & Customs, Marks & Spencer and the Post Office. The work carried out at Crewe, which has around 140 staff, half of which are Unite members, covers programming and software and hardware solutions.

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The trade union claims that Fujitsu has “singled out” activist Alan Jenney and put him at risk of redundancy, whereas it has helped to redeploy other staff where possible.

It also said that Fujitsu has breached company processes and agreements in the way it had dealt with Jenney’s situation.

Jenney has been working as an IT professional for Fujitsu for 17 years.

“All our members are asking is for Alan to be treated like so many other employees and supported into redeploying into another role, rather than singled out for redundancy.

“Members have made clear they will not tolerate the victimisation of union reps, and they have the full backing of Unite in this stance,” said Kevin O’Gallagher, Unite national officer for IT and communications.

Fujitsu declined to comment on Jenny’s case.

“We are aware of the Union’s intention to ballot its members but we are not able to comment on any specific cases regarding an individual being at risk of redundancy,” a spokesperson said.

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