BAA has played down the impact of problems at Gatwick Airport over the weekend after some some of its IT systems failed to put the clocks back one hour when British Summer Time ended.

The organisation, which runs the airport, said the problem affected its ability to update computer screens to advise recently arrived passengers waiting for luggage which flight was assigned to which baggage belt.

“In the event of not being able to do that via computer for a short times, we made PA tannoy announcements in the baggage hall,” a spokesperson said.

“Given the time of night this occurred, it had a very limited impact and did not delay any passengers.”

The airports organisation also admitted that its feed to Ceefax and the website were affected “at times” but did not say how extensive the problems were or how long they lasted.

BAA’s account is at odds with reports from passengers who said the systems problems had caused widespread confusion.

The Telegraph also reported that the problem meant arrivals and departures were advertised an hour late, causing holidaymakers to “overwhelm check-in desks.”

According to the paper, the problem was only spotted at 6am on the Sunday morning and technicians had then worked all day to resolve the problem.

A BAA spokesperson said late yesterday that the cause of the problem had still not been identified but everything was now running normally.

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