The government has revealed that it plans to re-launch its e-petitions website by the summer recess, which takes place in late July.

The website, which was hosted on the Downing Street website,, will now be hosted by Directgov, according to a parliamentary written answer.

The e-petitions system was introduced in 2006 to supplement paper petitions that the public can still hand directly to Number 10.

There appears to have been a delay in introducing the new system as in June last year, the Prime Minister’s office said that it would launch a new, “improved” e-petitions system in 2010.

In response to a query about the delay, a spokesperson for the Cabinet Office said: “Details will be published in due course.”

The government’s commitment to e-petitions is part of the coalition’s efforts to promote the importance of online interaction with the public.

The most popular e-petition sent to the Prime Minister’s office closed in February 2007. The petition called for the government to scrap the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy, and received 1,811,424 signatures. By 6 April 2010, when it was suspended, the site had received 33,068 petitions in total.