How to support DevOps adoption

DevOps is renowned for supporting technology development but it needs the right organisational culture behind it to work

DevOps has developed a reputation for promoting stable and continuous innovation. The term is a portmanteau of two words that have traditionally operated in isolation in pursuit of conflicting objectives: "Development" and "Operations". 

A radical transformation of a team’s culture and mindset is required to deeply integrate DevOps into regular working practice and reap the benefits of constant, fast and safe technological development.

Global CIO of Unilever and CIO 100 member Jane Moran compared running an IT team to raising her two teenage children, highlighting the benefits of a DevOps culture: "I'd say 50% of the time they don't get along. I felt like that was the mindset of my team. I had 2,000 teenagers.

"They either loved each other, or they were fighting all the time. So we moved to 30 platforms, and I put a DevOps team together. That has been the biggest shift, getting the people together to innovate and manage that technology together."

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Additional reporting: Christina Mercer