How CIOs can reduce IT costs at their organisation

Cutting unnecessary IT costs will give you more money to explore new ideas

These days almost every company has to be a tech company. But IT costs can be prohibitive, with research from Lloyds finding that this area accounts for 20% of a new business' expenditure - the largest proportion after property (25%).

A recent survey from Spiceworks found that 89% of organisations expect their IT budgets to increase or stay the same in 2019, and IT budgets in large enterprises are expected to increase. Despite this, more businesses understand the impact of IT spending and naturally are looking for the best options to save money.

IT spending can cover a vast range of areas including business applications, networking, IT personnel, end-user technology and data centres.

A more efficient IT setup will save time and money on maintenance and management that can free up funds for new projects and other business priorities.

Trimming down IT expenditure can also have the effect of streamlining and focusing IT strategy to make them more responsive to wider company aims.

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