The Jericho Forum has a new management board member – the boss of IBM Security Services.

The influential forum, advocates security de-perimeterisation where organisations focus on the itegrity of their data items rather than simple protecting the end points of their network.

Argyle is a certified information security professional (CISSP) and has been a Forum member for five years, encouraging confidence and operational efficiency in on-premise and cloud environments.

He is also a member of other prominent security associations including ISC2, ISACA and IISP. He represents IBM on forums including the Information Security Forum and Centre for the Protection National Infrastructure.

“Since its inception, the Jericho Forum has always emphasised the need for technology vendors and users to work together effectively and securely,” Argyle said, arguing that a collaborative approach was crucial for gaining the most value from cloud-based systems.

But he added: “At the same time, the new risks associated with cloud infrastructures require proper security processes to be in place, supported by an industry-tested, best practice approach.”

Key Jericho Forum initiatives such as the Self Assessment Scheme programme, he said, are geared to promoting this approach.

Jericho Forum Board membership lasts for a period of three years Steve Whitlock, chief security strategist at Boeing and a founding Board member, has also been re-elected.

The remaining board members are John Arnold, chief security architect at Capgemini; Philippe Courtot, chief executive at Qualys; John Meakin, director of digital security and chief information security officer at BP; Paul Simmonds, global IS integrated assurance director at AstraZeneca; and Andrew Yeomans, VP global information security at Commerzbank.