How would you describe your company in 150 characters in a Twitter post?
CoreMedia offers a open, adaptive, social Web Content Management solution to create dynamic websites, build communities & engage individuals

How does your technology benefit a business or organisation?
CoreMedia enables enterprises to deploy websites which truly engage with the users and create communities. This includes consumers, business partners and enterprises across different vertical sectors, ranging from media to telecom, to the public sector. There are five key benefits that we bring to our customers:

• Web self-service - users can draw on their own experience to help each other resolve issues, reducing the burden of support from the companies.
• Cross and up sell - companies can drive sales through personalised offers based on customer preferences, past behavior and the behavior of similar customers.
• Innovation, research and development- engaged customers help to resolve issues, shape future research and development and test ideas early.
• Customer advocacy - customers who love what you do can influence others through your website and across influential social networks.
• Enhance brand value - deliver a consistent experience across all touchpoints, for example website, mobile and radio, and resolve criticisms before they turn into a crisis.

The web environment is very different to the physical world. Users expect much greater control over what they do. Companies that engage users, let them express themselves and network with each other will benefit from ‘Return on Engagement' that comes through a community of loyal customers and vocal advocates.

How can you offer a partnership and help to CIOs to meet their targets?
CoreMedia has proven ability to deliver successful web content management solutions to customers and partners. We will work closely with the CIOs to discuss what their main priorities are and find a suitable solution to help them meet their targets.

At CoreMedia, we have an open culture and we see this as a foundation for us to build true and valuable relationships with our customers. We augment our own capacity and strength with specific expertise from our industry partners.

What do you think is the most pressing concern for CIOs?
I believe that their number one concern is business alignment. It has long been an issue but it is now more critical than ever before for a business to align itself across all aspects and to continue to innovate. Other concerns for CIOs include a greater need to expand the IT infrastructure whilst keeping a balance of the level of innovation, maintenance, security, regulatory, compliance isues and cost control.

And how do you propose to solve it?
Sometimes I like to describe CoreMedia as ‘the life insurance for a company's internet presence'. In other words, we offer a complete solution to help businesses optimise their internet presence. We provide intelligent technology solutions and support to help organisations seize and maximise their business opportunities from the online space.

We have a lot of successes in supporting global brands and companies manage their brands online. On the web, brand values are not solely defined by corporate communications but increasingly through conversations with the company stakeholders. Whilst this is traditionally seen as an issue for the CMO, this is an area that a CIO can provide great value and support in achieving the wider business goals.

What question should CIOs ask vendors that they don't usually ask?
It is important for the CIOs to ask their vendors to play a more significant role to help align with the various business departments. Technology solutions are powerful tools that can enable different departments to complete their own tasks but it is more efficient and cost-effective to align the business objectives and technology solutions to benefit all employees across the whole company.

What is the most exciting thing in technology at present, or coming downstream?
Cloud Computing is a very exciting emerging trend at the moment. The web solution enables more personalisation and relevancy for the user. It empowers enterprises to use the web effectively and truly engage with their customers in a more meaningful way.

Whether the enterprise uses the corporate website, Facebook or LinkedIn applications, Blackberry or the Apple iPhone, it is essential that the company offers their customers a personalised and consistent experience with relevant information tailored to suit each customer. This is a cost effective way to achieve greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Name a single experience or event in your career and how it has shaped your leadership style?
I attended a three-day course called "Unleash the Power" by Anthony Robbins. It is about life management (rather than time management) and taught me new ways to balance my personal life and work. It was a very useful experience that had changed the way I view and approach leadership management. I would often recommend this way of thinking to my team as well.

Which piece of technology do you wish you had thought of/designed/been involved with?
As a Dutchman and former bicycle racer, it had to be the bicycle. It is a fantastic piece of technology. The first official bike was the Walking Machine invented in 1817 by Baron von Drais. The walking machine helped him to get around faster in his garden. Then 192 years later the technological innovation around bikes continues to grow and many people are still using it now.

Name the vendor that impresses you most?
Google - they have changed the competitive landscape and the way consumers access and consume information. They are a true industry leader.

What do you see as the next big technology wave?
The digital age has empowered consumers and their behaviour in consuming information. With everything moving into the online space, digitised content and data will grow tremendously in the next few years. CIOs need to ensure that their businesses have a more strategic system in place for data capture and distribution of content. Cloud computing and web content management systems will be essential in supporting this new trend.

Name a company you see as hot.
There are too many to name but for now, I will say Amazon, Google and Twitter are some of the hottest companies to watch.

And what is it about their business you desire to emulate?
I admire their speed and ability to innovate.

Do you rely on PowerPoint?
Yes, every day, for all different purposes. I am a heavy user of PowerPoint but I ensure that my audiences are provided with entertaining, interactive and informative presentations.

Which tools or tactics have given you most success in communicating up/down/across?
A well designed blog is a very effective communication tool that enables conversations in different streams, whether it is up, down or across different groups of users. CoreMedia uses this extensively internally to share experience, exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. Mobile internet devices (notably the BlackBerry, Apple iPhone) are great tools, especially when you are on the road.

Who has/have been the most influential people in your career?
There are a dozen of people that have been influential in my career. If I have to name one it has been my father. He ran his own small business and taught me the importance of work ethics, discipline, and strong values.

How do you keep up to date with the march of technology?
Technology is a great way to keep up to date with new and emerging technology. I tailor my tools to help me get the information that is relevant to me. I engage with people I trust and respect on Twitter and other similar applications. This helps me understand the latest developments and often gives me new ideas for innovation. The old fashioned way of meeting people certainly helps too. I highly value my customer and partner meetings as they are a great way to help me stay tuned to what's happening in the industry.

How do you deal with stress?
I get on my bike and ride for a while. It works every time.

What profession would you most/least like to attempt?
I enjoy being active in all aspects of my current marketing role, from strategic business planning to communications, product management to distribution channels. A career change would need to be something totally different. That said, I might consider entering the hospitality sector.

Which business (or other) books have been influential in your career?
Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore, The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman, and The Groundswell by Josh Bernoff.

Do you have a sport you practice or sportsperson/team that you follow?
I enjoy mountain biking so the sportsperson I follow and admire is Lance Armstrong.

What else do you do outside of work?
I like to spend as much time as possible with my wife and three children. They are very important to me.