Intel is cutting its IT staff by as much as 10 percent as part of an effort to make its internal operations more efficient.

"We're in a very competitive environment and need to stay agile and efficient," said Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy. He confirmed the layoff plans after being asked about an anonymous blog posting that described the process being used to cut workers based on assessments of their skills.

The blogger, who goes by the name Intel IT Guy, noted in his Intel Perspective Blog that the company is calling the layoff a "redeployment" internally.

"We are going through a skills assessment process for each employee, scoring them, comparing scores and then determining which skills we can most afford to lose," the blogger wrote. He said he thinks the goal is "to ensure that we're legally defensible and identifying people objectively".

But, the blogger wrote, "no matter how we slice it, we will have to redeploy good people to hit our numbers. We're past the point of trimming the fat".

Mulloy declined to discuss the specifics of the blogger's comments. But he said that as part of the redeployment process, workers can remain employed for up to two months while they look for other jobs within Intel.