Are collaboration tools all hype and full of risk? Or do they offer CIOs massive potential for improving internal and external working relationships?

The CIO UK Debate is seeking your opinions for a piece of analysis it is putting together with partners Macehiter Ward-Dutton. Add your opinions here.

Collaboration tools are not new and have been touted as the next phase of knowledge management as well as essential for retaining younger key workers. This research, a set of just six questions, will gauge whether organisations consider themselves collaborative in nature and compare this to their attitudes towards collaborative technology. This will be correlated against the vertical markets and company size data you provide.

Editor of Mark Chillingworth said, “This is an opportunity to share your thoughts with peers in the CIO and IT Director community. Your input will be highly valued and shared with the CIO readership to enable the community to compare their collaborative experiences with those of their peers.”

CIO is soon to launch a Debate channel on the website. This will feature an insightful article from market analysts Macehiter Ward-Dutton, which is then debated online through the community.

From these results Macehiter Ward-Dutton will write a thought leading paper, which will then be circulated amongst a select group of CIOs whose responses will then be published alongside the paper on

Your involvement is highly valued, and CIO UK certainly understands the time pressures you are all facing, but if you could spare a moment to complete the surveys we can create some valuable information to feed back to the CIO community.

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