The Royal Bank of Scotland has confirmed IT staff will not be cut as part of 2,600 job losses it announced today.

RBS said that it will cut the jobs over the next year, with 500 back-office roles, which includes mainly administration staff, to be offshored. Most of the job cuts will take place in the bank’s insurance division, which has a 16,000-strong workforce.

A spokesperson for the bank said: “There aren’t [cuts in IT jobs]. This is because our IT is provided by RBS Group.”

According to the BBC, RBS said that it would work to keep compulsory redundancies to an “absolute minimum”.

Rob MacGregor, national officer for finance at union Unite, said: “Unite is completely opposed to compulsory redundancies and will be engaging continually with RBS throughout the consultation period to minimise redundancies, while calling upon the bank to manage these reductions outside of compulsory measures.”

The job cuts will mainly be made at the company’s headquarters in London and Edinburgh.

In its first quarter results last week, RBS had warned that there would be more job losses as it aims to deliver £2.5 billion cost reductions by 2011. The bank has announced 23,000 redundancies across its worldwide business since it was bailed out by the UK government in 2007. It is 84 percent-owned by taxpayers.