ITV, the broadcaster, is adopting cloud computing systems from Google, as well as Apple Mac computers, as part of its five-year transformation plan. 

As part of the company’s goal to upgrade its technology infrastructure and improve communication, collaboration and creativity of staff, ITV is deploying Google Apps to 7,000 employees and adopting Google Chrome as its standard Internet browser.

This is similar to News International, whose chief information officer, Paul Cheesbrough, recently revealed how his media organisation has been transformed through the adoption of Apple products and Google Apps.

ITV will be moving from Microsoft services to Google Mail with integrated instant messaging via Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google docs, Google Sites and Google Video for Business.

It is also replacing most of the employees’ primary devices with Apple Macs. The new technology roll-out will occur over the next 18 months.

Paul Dale, ITV's chief technology officer, said: "When I arrived at ITV one of my tasks was to implement a company-wide plan for workplace technology in order to enable our staff to deliver ITV’s Transformation Plan.

"I am delighted to announce these collaborations with leading technology providers who offer the depth and scope of service we need to transform our internal ways of working across the business.”

Google’s other major UK customers include Rentokil Initial, which deploys the apps to 35,000 employees, Jaguar Land Rover’s 15,000 users and Specsavers’s 2,500 staff. The Guardian and Telegraph newspapers each have around 2,000 employees using Google Apps.