Kodak has signed a deal with A&O Services to provide managed server support across 15 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, replacing a raft of contracts in had in place in different countries.

Under the contract, A&O will provide maintenance support for Microsoft Windows and Unix servers running critical back-office applications, including certain manufacturing processes, while the photo and imaging giant gradually reduces its use of other suppliers.

Robert Spencer, Kodak’s manager for helpdesk and server operations, said: “Up until now each country had an individual maintenance contract for server support, but the servers were managed by a centralised team in the UK. It was incredibly difficult to initiate hardware maintenance as there was a lack of alignment across the different countries, and in addition there was a variation in overheads.”

Spencer said that by consolidating with a single supplier there were many benefits, including leveraging of better contracts, gaining control of operational costs, and having the transparency to enable the firm to manage maintenance more effectively.

With a single maintenance contract in place, Spencer said the central server management team in the UK now only had to make one telephone call to an A&O call centre when a problem arose, and a local a&o engineer would be despatched.

Kodak said it has agreed strict service level agreements on a per-country and per-server basis which can be changed in line with business needs to ensure the right level of support.