Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust has completed the rollout of a clinical patient data portal and hailed its success.

The portal allows clinicians to view vital patient information stored on a variety of systems through a single view.

The trust says the portal has reduced clinic times and improved patient safety, and has saved "hundreds of thousands of pounds" through moving to electronic systems and relying less on paper processes.

Professor Patrick Chu, consultant haematologist at the trust, said: “Now that I have the clinical portal I arrive in the clinic and I don’t see multiple volumes of case notes, and instead of flicking through all pages in the case notes I just look at the screen.

“For a three and a half to four hours clinic I can save 30 minutes of time so I can use that time to either see more patients or new patients.”

The portal is providing clinicians with instant access to a range of patient information, including test results, medical images and correspondence, and the trust is now working to see how it can also provide GPs and even patients with access to relevant information.

James Norman, IT director at the trust, said: “With our new hospital due to open in 2017, we plan to be not just a world-class hospital but one of the most technically advanced as well.”

The portal was integrated and implemented by CSC and Harris Healthcare, and is based on the CareFX platform owned by Harris (which recently bought CareFX).

The portal can be viewed on any device and there is a current trial using iPads and smartphones.

Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Surrey recently deployed a similar patient data portal to the one used by Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, to support its paperless office and mobile care strategies.