The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has extended a contract with outsourcer Atos to cover Paralympic events at the London 2012 Olympics.

Atos will now design, build and run the website and will take part in other activities to support the Paralympic games, which follow the Olympics event in July.

Atos has been a technology provider for the Paralympic games since 2002 and became the official worldwide information technology partner for the IPC in 2008.

“Our website is now our most important communication channel to promote Paralympic sports, athletes and news to a global audience,” said Sir Philip Craven, IPC President. “Atos has the technology expertise as well as the knowledge of the Paralympic movement to help us redesign and update our website to meet and exceed the needs of sports fans in 2012."

The new website will go live this autumn and will include an online TV service.

Atos has already delivered a technology lab and equipment deployment centre for the Olympic games and says it will open its technology operations centre - the games' "mission control" - this autumn.

This winter, it will launch the accreditation system to process 200,000 athletes, staff, volunteers, media, sponsors, and officials to enable them to enter the UK and take part in the games.

There will be a final technical rehearsal in the spring, which will test disaster recovery operations as well as other systems. Technology firms working as subcontractors to Atos include Acer, Airwave , BT, Cisco, Omega, Panasonic and Samsung.

Earlier this month, a processing error at Ticketmaster caused around 700 people to be charged twice for London 2012 Olympic tickets.