Marks & Spencer (M&S) is overhauling its supply chain, from distribution centres to stores.

The retailer is implementing a range of systems from JDA Software, in a bid to improve efficiency and stock level management for its non-food business.

M&S is implementing the Allocation, Demand, Fulfilment and Size Scaling systems from JDA.

The company, which operates over 1,000 stores in 40 countries, will use the systems to manage the supply of standard goods up to high fashion items.

Andrew Skinner, merchandising director at M&S, said the company “expects to improve in-store availability, reduce end of-season markdowns, and increase the efficiency of our supply chain operations”.

Darrell Stein on benefits-driven strategies" href="">M&S CIO Darrell Stein on benefits-driven strategies

The systems would give M&S “the inventory visibility we need to make more profitable decisions, help match our strategic and tactical plans with local customer preferences, and drive overall profitability”, he added.

In July, M&S signed a deal with Logicalis for the management of its wired and wireless networks.