The Metropolitan Police has extended an IT support deal with Capgemini, for three years from 2012, as part of attempts to cut £43 million from costs in the period.

The IT services will support the “day-to-day” work of the force’s 55,000 police officers, staff and community support officers, Capgemini said. The contract is an extension of an existing £350 million seven-year deal signed in 2005, and is being signed in advance of 2012 in order to better prepare work.

The £43 million estimated savings will principally be the result of cutting down services and moving some work from England to Scotland - as well as resulting from better automation, and better collaboration through simplified reporting structures. All of Capgemini’s work, but not necessarily that of its subcontractors, will remain in the UK.

Work will be subcontracted to BT and Unisys. BT will upgrade and streamline the police force’s voice and data networks, while Unisys will run application management, datacentre hosting, and repair of desktops and servers.

In separate news, the Metropolitan Police's £48 million human resources system implementation, carried out by supplier Steria, is reportedly "in crisis", £10 million over budget and running six months late. The system had been intended to save £15 million annually in office costs, processing wages, sick leave and holidays for all staff, but is without a final implementation date.