Microsoft, Oracle and SAP all plan to unveil new offerings this week at the National Retail Federation 2007 conference in New York.

Microsoft will introduce the Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale 2.0 and Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System 2.0 applications during the conference, according to Jen Larson, senior product manager for Microsoft's point-of-sale (PoS) offerings. Point of Sale 2.0 is tailored for cash registers at single-store operations and has been enhanced to make cashiers more efficient, Larson said.

The application also features integration with Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007 software, she said.

Microsoft's PoS application has already delivered greater flexibility in cashier operations at beta tester, according to Sarah Furstenberg, owner of the US-based specialty toy store. With the new Microsoft software, it's easier to customise the screens on Clover's Casio cash registers, she said, adding that it's also easier to teach new employees to use the system.

Additionally, the retailer expects to soon take advantage of Point of Sale 2.0's integration with Accounting Professional to eliminate manual book-keeping processes, she said, noting that Clover currently uses Intuit QuickBooks application.

Microsoft will also announce Retail Management System 2.0, said Larson, which is tailored for small to mid-size stores. That application has been updated to help users more easily manage complex inventory processes, she said.

Pricing for Microsoft's point-of-sale software starts at $799 (£408) for a single store; Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System starts at $1,190 (£608) for a single store.

Oracle and SAP officials said that during the conference, each company plans to unveil two products targeting retail customers.