Kiddicare, the baby goods retailer bought by Morrisons supermarkets in February, has implemented a fraud management tool in a bid to improve online transaction assessments.

Kiddicare has implemented the Decision Manager tool from supplier CyberSource. Before installing new software for its site, the firm manually checked a large proportion of the e-commerce orders it received, a process it described as "costly". The firm noticed it was also rejecting some legitimate orders.

Using the new system, Kiddicare said it has increased its e-commerce order conversion rate by approximately half, by cutting down dramatically on the rejection of orders suspected as fraudulent.

CyberSource’s Decision Manager fraud management tool automatically employs up to 200 global validation tests - such as order repetition, geolocation and device intelligence - to help establish a transaction’s trustworthiness for Kiddicare. The system also logs into the 192business portal to verify the validity of name, address, age, and other information provided on orders.

Scott Weavers-Wright, chief executive at the company, said: “Kiddicare’s customers deserve to have a simple and positive experience when purchasing online. Kiddicare can now confidently let more orders through while still preventing fraudulent activity.”