Netezza has launched a new product aimed at providing an integrated view of data distributed across multiple Netezza devices. The Netezza Data Virtualizer has been powered by Composite Software to analyse results while Netezza continues to process the data.

There have been a lot of efforts recently by organisations to improve database analysis, as organisations are faced with larger databases, and as the need for more accurate information becomes more pressing. Just this week, Aster Data announced a new initiative to help drive its analytics offering by providing a new set of library features.

According to Matt Rollender, director of technology partnerships at Netezza, the tie-up with Composite is a great relationship. "It comprises a couple of elements - a technology development agreement in addition to a go to market component. Composite and Netezza are working together to make some Netezza-specific enhancements to the Composite Information Server to enable high performance data federation and virtualisation across multiple Netezza systems. This allows customers to see single views of data from multiple Netezza systems. Netezza will offer this directly to its customers and prospects through its sales force, both packaged with the Netezza TwinFin or as an option for customers that have already deployed TwinFin systems," he said.

The tie-up between the two companies is being seen as an example of how companies are exploiting new ways to improve data analysis. "Netezza has a vision for the future of data warehousing and analytics (which it calls NSight) and this release is a significant step on the path to the fulfillment of that vision" said Philip Howard, research director, Bloor Research. "Furthermore, it showcases the power and flexibility of Composite's market leading data virtualisation platform. This is a valuable combination that is unique in the market."