Being business-savvy is so much more than understanding profit and loss. The complex world our organisations operate in and the relationships that exist between customers, suppliers, staff and regulators mean CIOs have to be acutely aware of wide range of issues.

Capgemini, CIO UK publishing partner provides bespoke analysis on the business issues it sees challenging industries. As a leading integrator for transport companies, government bodies, banks and IT organisations, Capgemini is well placed to see the changes occurring.

The nine big issues CIOs need to be aware of are:

1: India, can outsouring save your company?

Many CIOs could win huge additional benefits from India. Offshoring IT work to India is now the norm for many organisations, particularly in the private sector.

Most firms would now consider offshore for applications maintenance of all but the most sensitive systems. The rigorous approach of the offshore vendors to things like training and knowledge transfer make this a relatively risk-free option. Read more.

2: Cloud computing

Be bold and cautious with cloud computing, but don't try to ignore it. It's not hard to see why so many CIOs are excited about cloud computing. As touted by some in our industry, ‘cloud' is a way of giving your organisation all the IT services you need while eliminating all or most of your investment in both hardware and software - and cutting out the costs and problems that come with that investment. To the sceptic, it all sounds like black magic. Yet the number of true believers is rising by the day, and now includes some of our bluest of blue-chip companies. Read more.

3: Partnership

Our new age of IT is opening up lots of new opportunities for alert CIOs intent on playing a proactive role in their organisation's business success. To grasp them, CIOs must appreciate where and where not to focus, and when and when not to partner. Read more.

4: Professionalism

The need for UK IT to follow the professionalism agenda is surely more acute than ever in today's global economy. If we look at India, for example, we see a wholehearted commitment to professionalism and a total rejection of complacency. Read more.

5: Diversity

CIOs who ignore the diversity challenge are burying their heads in the sand. A serious gender imbalance in IT is now nationwide and getting worse, not better. Read more.

6: The future

However pressing today's challenges, CIOs must find time to understand tomorrow's opportunities.

On the demand side, the clamour for IT to ‘do the impossible' shows - as ever - no sign of abating. Value for money, streamlined working across the organisation, data security, citizen-centric services, joined-up government, sustainability - these and many other desirables are all expected to undergo a magical transformation through the work of you, the CIO, and your team. Read more.

7: The environment

CIOs need to view IT as both a solution and part of the problem facing organisations keen to lower their carbon footprint.

Everyone is starting to realise that everything we do needs scrutiny for its impact on planet Earth. And ‘everyone' includes governments, companies, IT users and - not least - CIOs. Read more.

8: Consulting

Staff moves and secondments between IT consultancies and their clients are all the rage but, do they work? Read more.

9: Flexibility

So you think your average CIO has enough to worry about without turning the IT department upside down in a move to flexible working? Budget cuts, project backlogs, firefighting, skill shortages - all these and more make daily demands on the coping skills of most CIOs in most sectors. Read more.

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