Symantec said this week three products in its Norton line of security and utility software will have Windows Vista versions ready by the public launch of Vista at the end of this month.

Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus and Norton Confidential are the three products that will be in retail stores or for sale online by 29 January.

Users who purchased Norton Internet Security 2006 and 2007, Norton AntiVirus 2006 and 2007 and Norton Confidential for Windows XP are eligible for a free upgrade to the Vista version.

The US security vendor also said that current subscribers of both Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus are eligible for an update to its new Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response (SONAR) technology.

Acquired via its purchase of WholeSecurity, SONAR is behavioural detection technology that protects against malicious code before standard virus and spyware detection definitions have been created while minimising false positive detections, the company said.

That gives users protection from many threats even before Symantec or other companies have come up with signatures to detect and remove the malware, according to the company.