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O2 has announced its iPhone 4 pricing details online, after Orange did so yesterday.

Last week, the mobile network became the first in the UK to unveil pricing for its iPhone 4 tariffs. However, it did not reveal how much users would be expected to pay towards the handset.

According to the updated monthly tariffs page on the O2 website, the 16GB version of Apple's latest smartphone will only be available to users for free if they sign up for the £60 two year contract, or the £65 per month deal, which is tied-in for 18 months.

On the cheapest contracts, which are priced at £25 per month and come with 100 minutes of calls and unlimited text messaging, O2 customers will be expected to fork out £209 or £279 for the handset, depending upon whether they've got an 18 or 24 month tariff.

Those wanting to get their hands on the 32GB capacity version will be charged between £29 (on the £60 and £65 per month packages) and £323 (for the £25 per month deal).

O2 also revealed last week it had chosen to cap its once 'unlimited' data offering. Users paying between £25 and £35 per month on a 24 month contract or between £30 and £40 per month on an 18 month contract have a data allowance of 500MB per month

Those whose tariffs offer 900 or 1200 minutes per month will find their data is capped at 750MB, while those on the 'unlimited' monthly contract have a 1GB data allowance.

O2 has followed in Orange's footsteps, after the network announced its pricing for the handset this morning.

It's offering the iPhone 4 for free if Orange customers take out a two-year £75 per month contract, with unlimited calls and texts, as well as unlimited data, although this is capped at 750MB.

Orange's cheapest tariff for the Apple iPhone is priced at £30 per month, and will see users forking out £229 towards the handset.

Meanwhile, Vodafone's pricing was leaked on the web this week. However, the network refused to confirm the charges.

T-Mobile, 3 and Tesco Mobile, which announced yesterday it will be stocking the handset, have yet to release pricing details.

Apple's latest smartphone was unveiled by Steve Jobs this week at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The new handset, which features an all-new design, has "well over 100 new features" including an HD screen, video calling, a gyroscope, a new iMovie app and countless other upgrades.