In a national study of activities on the Internet the UK Office of National Statistics reports that nearly half of UK internet users now bank online. The most popular activity of recent internet users was sending or receiving emails at 87 per cent.

This proved to be the most popular activity for both the older age groups (55-64 and 65 plus), and the youngest age group, aged 16-24.

Nearly half of UK internet users use internet banking (49 per cent). This activity, along with online selling proved to be most popular among the 25-44 age group (at 57 per cent and 24 per cent respectively).

While the youngest age group was often the most likely to be involved in internet activities, it was the least likely to use the internet for services related to travel and accommodation (50 per cent), and seeking health related information (22 per cent).

Downloading software from the internet was also most popular with the youngest age group, with 55 per cent gamely using up their parents' broadband usage limits.

Selling goods via internet auction sites such as eBay was mostly done by people aged 25-44 (at 24 per cent).

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