Orange will make the Apple iPhone available on November 10.

The network revealed last month that it would be offering the smartphone, following the end of the O2 exclusive deal with Apple.

At the time Orange didn'tspecify when the handset would be available. Instead the network launched a webpage where customers could register their interest. It is thought that nearly 200,000 consumers signed-up via the website.

The network still won't answer questions regarding the cost of tariffs. The handset will be available through Orange shops, its website and also through high-street retailer Phones4U. It is also expected that Carphone Warehouse, which stocked the iPhone on O2, will also offer the handset on Orange. However, the network has yet to confirm this.

Rival network Vodafone also revealed it will make the iPhone available to its customers. However, the network isn't expected to offer the handset until early 2010.

Kevin Russell, chief executive on 3, also said the network will offer Apple's iPhone.

"I would expect the iPhone to be on the 3 network sometime during 2010," he said at the Westminster eForum last week.

"At the moment, we don't have the iPhone. We don't really have any smartphones but if we improve our range of smartphones and introduce the iPhone then our data traffic will grow massively."