IT to be consultative

This is indeed a thought provoking topic and one that many have strong feelings about.

In my opinion it is not for technology leaders to give business direction or expect that the supporting business follows a technology lead. It is for IT organisations to act in a consultative manner to promote the effective use of technology if there is a business case for doing so. The emphasis here is the business case; there may be sound technology reasons for implementing the latest and greatest but if it does not fit the needs of the business now or what has been set out in the business strategy there is little value in realising it.

Ethan Chatters, IT Business Solution Manager at SR Technics

Canned and packaged

The systems are in place to support the business model, not the reverse. It is possible to create an architecture that appropriately supports the business without breaking the bank.

Using canned processes in packaged applications, as the article suggests, has its place. Creating your own applications to support unique business requirements that drive value for the company is important as well. A good CIO will know how to apply these different tools to the problems at hand.

The challenge lies in managing the business requirements appropriately. As others have stated, that requires competence (business analysts, architects, etc.), governance (in both the supply ad demand sides of IT) and vision.

Michael Henry, Head of service strategy and operational excellence, Ericsson

IT must align

I concur with Cameron Chehreh's comment last week. I believe that IT has to align with the business. I also push the agenda that a CIO/CTO needs to work directly with the business executive management to participate in the business strategy, communication and financial processes required to successfully run the company (not just run IT). On the flip side, they should have the business help them develop the corresponding IT strategy corresponding to "lights on" services, tactical support/development and strategic investments.

I believe that the CIO/CTO needs to have a couple of key people working for them who fill out the IT leadership team and handle the operational aspects of delivering/maintaining the infrastructure and application porfolio. This allows the CIO/CTO the time to work on the key aspects of working with the business.

Tim McBreen, Principal at Technology Management Group

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