Pharmaceuticals company Nycomed has signed a contract for BT and HP to manage its infrastructure over the next five years.

An alliance between the two services suppliers will support an infrastructure that handles critical real time information across a number of networks.

Under the contract, for which a value has not been disclosed, BT and HP have split responsibilities. HP will manage the Nycomed datacentres that house 450 servers, as well as migrating 13,000 email inboxes to Microsoft Exchange 2007.

BT will run multi protocol label switching services for the Nycomed wide area network, remote access services for 6,500 users, and also control internet bandwidth in the Nycomed networks around the world.

The pharmaceutical firm operates in 50 markets, employs 11,500 people, and had annual sales of €3.5 billion in 2007.

“Nycomed is taking advantage of the BT HP Alliance’s economies of scale, skilled staff and industrialisation of operations to consolidate and rationalise our infrastructure services and technology infrastructure,” said Agnetha Mattisson, senior vice president at Nycomed. “Together we will establish a robust and scalable environment that will support Nycomed’s goals to grow the business.”

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