Google Project Glass

Google CIO Ben Fried believes in the "endless enterprise potential" of Google's Project Glass, the technology giant's upcoming wearable computing device.

In Februrary Google issued a call for 'explorer' applicants to test its beta product and asked developers what they would do with them, while also giving potential users a first look at the Google glasses interface.

And while discussing Google's relevance in the enterprise, the cloud, and his duty as Google CIO to "empower staff with the technology they need to be productive", Fried was certain it won't be long until the gadgets are utilised across different industries, mirroring how tablets have gained a foothold as a complimentary device for many employees across different roles.

"It's pretty easy already to envision a load of enterprise use for Project Glass," Fried said. "It has huge potential in CRM and sales roles by being immediately able to bring up useful information about the people in front of you or who you're dealing with."

Fried continued that data centre engineers could wear them, looking at problems and getting an instant diagnosis to the issue in front of them.

"I have to admit I haven't actually used the glasses," he said, "but their potential applications just trip off the tongue."