The UK public sector will be investing more in improving its management of information in a bid to reduce costs and increase revenue, and EMC executive has predicted.

Although Rick Devenuti, president of EMC Information Intelligence Group, admitted that customer spend in the UK public sector on software and solutions in this area has been “slow”, he believes that the public sector could benefit from increasing their adoption of intelligent content and case management solutions.

"We see opportunities in policing, fraud and healthcare. They are going to increase in those areas because [the information and case management tools can] drive revenue, for example, increasing tax revenue [through the better identification of fraud],” he told Computerworld UK at EMC’s Momentum conference in Berlin.

In contrast, EMC IIG already sees stronger take-up of its products in the UK’s financial services industry. Financial services companies are mainly using EMC’s tools to deal with regulatory changes and to make their business processes more efficient and less costly.

Moving services to the cloud is one way that organisations can go to find the lower costs and greater agility that they are looking for. All of EMCs customers are at least considering this move, Devenuti said.

At present, most customers are looking first to the private cloud to modernise and cut the costs of the data centre, and then to the public cloud for non mission-critical applications.

"The next evolution is the hybrid cloud, where they work mainly in the private cloud and can burst out for volume in the public cloud.

"Every customer is talking about it [cloud], most are using it and everyone is planning to use it,” Devenuti said.

Meanwhile, Devenuti discussed how his previous experience as CIO at Microsoft has shaped his dealings with customers.

"Having the understanding of what enterprise software means, understanding the challenges of rolling it out, I’m very focused on what the customer experience needs to be for CIOs to be successful in their role.

"We’ve got to make sure the RoI (Return on Investment) is there – and since I was CIO, the RoI has to be shorter than ever before," Devenuti said.