Royal Mail has today suffered another outage in its online postage service due to “technical issues”.

The Royal Mail Twitter feed notified customers of the problem at around 10.30am, and at just after 4pm, the problem was said to be fixed.

However, at around 4.50pm, it posted a message updating the status of the service, which warned customers: “There’s currently a delay between processing the payment and creating the postage. It should show in purchase history.”

The SmartStamp page currently has the message: “If you’re having problems, please see below for some tips that might help whilst we work hard to fix these issues.”

The website goes on to give users advice on how to clear their internet cache, and what to do if they receive an ‘internal error’ message.

Meanwhile, Royal Mail said that the current technical problems are preventing it from auctioning any reoccurring direct debits or card top-ups.

“In the meantime, please top-up your account manually, using a debit or credit card,” it said on the site.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail said that the online postage problems occured as it was trying to improve the service.
"One of these improvements had an issue at a technical level, which meant that rather than offer an incomplete experience for customers, we took the service down to get it right," the spokesperson said.

Problems with the online ‘SmartStamp’ service have been occurring intermittently over the past few months, since a major outage of the Capgemini-managed Royal Mail website before Christmas.

In January, the organisation confirmed that it was still suffering from website glitches following a migration of online data to new servers.

Although these problems were eventually resolved, issues have continued to plague the online postage service, with Royal Mail mentioning that it was experiencing technical problems with the service on 21 February.

During the SmartStamp outage, a message was put on the website saying: “Our website is temporarily unavailable. Full service should be resumed very soon. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.